Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halloween Treat Bags

I had this whole post all typed out MONTHS ago and somehow Blogger lost it and I was too tired to type it again. But here we go...

I made little treat bags for my co-workers, mostly because I wanted to use my heat embossing wand.

Each person got a personalized bag, Brains in a Jar, an eyeball on a fork, smaller bag of chocolate eyeballs. I made a cute tag and attached to the eyeball on a fork. I wish I could have found a nice treat bag to stick the eyeballs in, but I had to make do.

Pictures were taken at work with my phone, don't judge. Like I usually have such great pictures.

Bag tutorial here, Brains in a Jar recipe and tags here, eyeballs on a stick (Oreo truffles) here.