Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

(In Bob Saget voice-over)

Kids, you may remember me mentioning Gallery 360 in past posts. Back in July of 2010, I had just entered the Red Hot Art Fair with my friends Maria and Tricia. The first day, I was approached by a woman who owned a gallery/shop and was interested in my book wreaths for a holiday display. What fortune!

Seriously, I felt so lucky to have the opportunity and over the next few months made more wreaths as well as lots of holiday ornaments. Some days I worked hard, lots of days I didn't do anything, so there was a mad rush the last few weeks to get finished.

I managed to get done in time and now my hard work is waiting for you to admire it. But if you can't get down to 50th and Xerxes (or just don't want to) I thought I'd post a few pictures for you to see what all the fuss has been about.

Here's some of the other beautiful work in the same nook as me:

Darling ceramic ornaments

Pretty pottery.
The most gorgeous folded book sculptures. I die.

If you have time, please go check out Gallery 360. They have great gifts throughout the shop (I'm jonesing for a pretty wooden spaghetti measure.)

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