Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Wreath

My most recent project combined two things I love...books and crafting. While it may seem like sacrilege to some, I did not mind sacrificing a used book for this project. I just went out and bought one, instead of taking one from my own library. I chose one of my favorites, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

The project required very few materials: A wreath shape, book, hot glue gun with glue sticks and paint. I used a brownish-gray paint to "age" the edge of the book.

Then, I simply folded the pages multiple ways and glued them onto the wreath, starting at the outer edge. It took some experimenting to find shapes that I liked, and the project took a few hours to complete, but I'm really pleased with the result. I still have enough pages in Les Mis to make at least two more wreaths. I'm hoping to put a couple on my upcoming Etsy store.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous and so creative! I may as well do this with Moby Dick since Jeremy will NEVER READ IT!